Substitute Players and Free Agents

PicNameLocationEmailGenderJoin or Sub?Willing DaysWilling Ratings
Kaitlyn BeckRoseville, CALog in to see Phone and EmailFemaleSub or Join TeamNot Specified16U, 18U, A, AA, B, BB, Open
Sofia RichmondSpring, TXLog in to see Phone and EmailFemaleSub or Join TeamSat, Sun18U
Top ranked Junior Beach Player. Strong defender with indoor experience on top teams (school & club) in multiple positions. High-level of volleyball IQ and multiple years of beach experience. Class of 2022 Oak Ridge High School, Conroe, TX. Trains with Cameron Sitler and Jon Wilson in Houston. Looking for a strong partner who likes to win, wants to play at a high-level, and has skills that compliment/balance mine. Highlights: